Voxalia - A game about blocks and such!

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A game about blocks and such!

Imagine a world in which everything is made up of blocks. A large, open, explorable world... made of blocks.
Imagine these blocks could take any shape and texture.
Imagine these blocks could move freely around the world - though usually remain in place.
Imagine complex machines, mechanisms, characters, lifeforms, and many other types of being inhabited this world.
Imagine these beings could freely interact with the world around them:
- Removing blocks from their place
- Adding new blocks to an open place
- Picking up a block and moving it elsewhere
Imagine if in this world there existed beings so powerful, they could even change the very inner nature of the blocks around them:
- How a block of any given type appears
- Adding a new type of block, or removing an old one
- Changing how characters and machines move and interact
Imagine, all this, together, in a PC video game...
Welcome to Voxalia!

Voxalia is a game that brings ultimate freedom to the players!
A player can do anything they please in the world - at least if they're an admin on the server they're playing on.
With full easy modding support, as well as full in-game creativity support, the freedom part isn't in question.
The question to ask is, of course: With a world unrestricted, is there anything in particular to do outside free play of a sandbox game?
We're proud to answer yes: We're working on a full storyline to introduce the game mechanics and provide an interesting singleplayer/coop experience!
We're working to make Voxalia the absolute best game we can!
We hope you'll enjoy it when it's made available to the public! (Unknown date 2018+).